CCTV Camera

Bullet security camera

Bullet security cameras are a type video surveillance camera that is typically small and shaped like a rifle bullet shell or lipstick case. Smaller bullet cameras are typically the diameter of a cigar, but they are shorter. Sometimes they are referred to as lipstick cameras. Bullet cameras can easily mount to ceilings or walls because most of them use a tri-axis type of mount. Not all bullet cameras are small. Infrared bullet cameras tend to be larger in diameter to accommodate the additional space that their IR LEDs require. There are several types of bullet cameras on this page including analog CCTV cameras, AHD cameras, and TVI cameras.

IP Dome cameras

Dome cameras provide the right form and function when you need a less conspicuous camera for discreet surveillance. Compact and with a dark, rugged casing, dome cameras are working hard without being visually intrusive to the scene. IP Dome Cameras are network cameras that are dome-like in shape.

Attendance System

Bullet cameras are an ideal choice for being externally wall mounted with the sun/rain cover to shield the lens. IP bullet cameras are network devices (they have their own network addresses that you can visit) that create digital HD video directly on the camera then stream that video back to a Network Video Recorder (NVR), web browser, or smart phone.